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I just finished reading Paris by Andi Watson and Simon Gane, which I believe was originally published a decade-or-so back but has now been re-released in a new hardback form. Absolutely gorgeous art - I need to write something about its sense of place - and a touching, simple story about two women trying to break out of their expected life roles.

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Thats sounds like a great recommendation!

Currently I’m planning to read On earth as it is in hell (Hellboy - Brian Hodge). The name of the Rose (Eco) and Im midway The Silmarillion (Tolkien) and The artificial Man and other stories (Claire Winger Harris).

I do have a romance draft about a witch that is being hunted for her powers and a nun that saves her, but I need to give myself some time to sit down and type a bit more.

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Hey, hope you and the little one are doing well. They rightfully come first.

I'm on a completely different vibe, but I do have some Martha Wells in there, the first "Murderbot" (I added it to the pile yesterday). I still have my two magazine subscriptions, Clarkesworld and Uncanny; plus I've been doing a survey of some other magazines. I've read one from Weird Horror, one from Weird Tales, one from Escape Pod. One from Diabolical Plots is open in a tab. I have two (okay, that was just my most recent trip) awesome print books that I got at the epic bookstore here in town. One is from Cassandra Khaw, one is from Clive Barker. I've gotten so used to reading on devices, though.

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