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Dont worry, monday was 2022 hangover day and that is a though year to wake up from

Have a great day!

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Yay! I love your first issue of Authorstrator for 2023! I enjoyed the humour and hope you and your beautiful family are all doing well.

I LOVE The Bear House and Scales and Stardust - they are some of the best books I have ever read! It felt so good to want to read and keep reading and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the experience of reading these books. I will share reviews online!

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Coming up on midnight in Toronto, you up yet? ;-) If you lose enough sleep, you can start to dream on your feet. I know this from jobs and college.

What I'm reading, I've been sidetracked from books by SFF pulp magazines. Locus, Clarkesworld + Forever, and Uncanny to start, and from there I'll see how well I keep up. There are so many, and most of them have podcasts, too. Short form pieces with interviews and discussion are helping me speed up my learning curve.

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