I'm cheering you on! I think it's important and valuable that you're setting goals and working on writing but also balancing with enjoying and being in the moment, especially with family and friends.

It's encouraging to hear someone else recognize that value and the importance of patience. I'm behind where I'd like to be in the editing process for my book as I'm eager to publish it and share it this year or next year, but I also remind myself that I'm working on it and doing good work, and that "patient and steady" is key.

Sooo exciting that you're formatting your ebook!! One of my writing goals includes self-publishing an ebook. I have no idea where to start -- for example, which program? Any chance you're planning to publish your learnings? Hehe.

This was another great newsletter that I enjoyed reading! I wish you wonderful family time and with friends :)

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I really went out of my comfert zone and started to read The Witcher. I might not survive 😱

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