Thanks for the shout out! Loving your newsletter :)

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Oh, outlines! I love them once I've done them, but I'm so bad at actually getting myself there. And so exciting to hear about all of your progress and success!! I just bought myself some crazy-expensive watercolors, otherwise I might splurge on a fountain pen! Oh, and thanks for your very kind mention of Lady Caroline :)

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What an amazing newsletter! Stellar writing, word after word. I love the way you described your journey with book proposals. Golden writing. Thank you for sharing, and I believe in you! Good luck!

Also, I thought you connected the topic of love without a stretch ;) It flowed.

CONGRATULATIONS on The Bear House!! I LOVED reading it and I am so happy it’s getting the recognition it deserves and reaching more readers soon-to-be fans!

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Hey, hope you, the family, and the cub are doing well. Congrats on the release! The hi-lo concept does sound fun, and necessary. I've seen similar specialty titles for second language learners. Bummer I missed your preso.

I'm getting myself a new bathtub for Valentine's Day, so I've been living in a construction zone all week. Chocolate is a meal around here, so I've had that, Chinese takeout, and a giant marshmallow cereal treat.

There's been plenty of time to read, with the house being taken over and all. So, PKD "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," "Mega Worm Apocalypse" (yay!), the first three stories from last month's Clarkesworld (including the tic tac toe story), and Neil Clarke's explanation of first rights.

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