Who am I? 

I'm a notebook enthusiast and chronic doodler looking for ways to connect with readers and artists, which brought me to a newsletter! Which might be a mistake since I am extremely typo prone. I'm an author of speculative fiction for young readers and an aspiring graphic novelist (but mostly I draw mermaids and fan art). Some of my books include Alien Road (Orca Books), Movers (Andersen Press) and most recently, The Bear House (Holiday House Books). You can find out more about my titles on my website or check out my portfolio for my latest illustrations!

So what’s Authorstrator? 

Its my newsletter! Apparently writers should have them. So I'm here to test that theory by smearing my mind all over the interwebs. I write and I draw but I've always done them separately, toggling between two separate social media accounts: one for writing (@meaghanmcisaaacwrites) , one for drawing (@megsscribbles). In 2021, I decided hey, why don't I start combining the two?

So here I am, trying to figure out the best way to write and draw professionally at the same time.

With Authorstrator, I hope to share the creative journey with you, as an artist and a professional, sharing what I learn about craft and publishing, and also geeking out about stationery and art supplies on the regular. You can sign up for the free newsletter or for the $30 one year subscription, you can access the Goody Tier for more exclusive, in depth content! You support helps me continue to create, write and keep the lights on, so thank you so much for being here and supporting Authorstrator!

Here’s what to expect

Every other week, I will be posting

1. Blog posts about writing, drawing or random thoughts on publishing in general

2. What I'm working on

3. Doodle of the week

4. Access to chapters of Lava Cat Cruise Ship, posting Fridays

And for all you who opt for the Goody Tier one year subscription, you can expect all of the above plus:

Paid Subscribers:

4. Behind the scenes - what’s happening on my desk, notebook spreads, stationery nerdiness

5. Exclusive fiction

6. Process videos/tutorials about my writing and drawing process

7. Digital downloads (this can be phone wallpapers, worksheets, illustrations, etc)

8. Access to the archives

9. Exclusive access to the full downloadable ebook for Lava Cat Cruise Ship and Zombie Shark Highway

Founding Members:

All of the above, plus exclusive digital giveaways on illustrations, writing worksheets, other surprises throughout the year!

Like my books, this newsletter will be a work in progress, but I'm looking forward to growing and developing it with subscriber feedback!

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